HOW CONVENIENT: Boeing “Overwrote” Camera Footage Of Work On MAX Jet Door That Blew Out, Can Not Identify Employee Who Worked On It. “Wednesday we learned that Boeing – in a pure coincidence that Jeffrey Epstein would approve of – “overwrote”, i.e. deleted, security camera footage showing work being done on a door that blew out on the Alaska Airlines MAX jet in January. It’s not just the footage however: NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy said it is unclear ‘who performed the work to open, reinstall, and close the door plug on the accident aircraft,’ as Boeing is ‘unable to find the records documenting this work.’ In Homendy’s letter, she writes that despite requests to Boeing and interviews at the Renton, Washington factory where the panel was removed, the identity of the crew member that worked on the panel remains unknown. . . . It gets crazier: in her letter, NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy said she directly appealed to Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun for information on who worked on the faulty door plug, expressing frustration over Boeing’s claim of missing records and security footage. Even then, Boeing merely stonewalled and said it was ‘unable to provide that information and maintained that Boeing has no records of the work being performed.'”

Loss — excuse me, “loss” — of records in a case like this should be treated as an admission of wrongdoing. Because, you know, that’s what it is.