ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: AOC Loses It When Protesters Accuse Her of Being Insufficiently Antisemitic*.

What’s more interesting about the confrontation at the movie theater is the response from AOC. She was genuinely upset that anyone would dare to approach her in public and criticize her. She told one of the protesters that she needed them to understand that their actions were “not ok.” She then accused them of lying and claimed (falsely) that ¬†she had “already said it.” Then she and her boyfriend fled the scene.

AOC is acting all put-upon here as if the idea that citizens might approach her in a public place and hurl accusations at her is simply beyond the pale**. But she and her progressive colleagues were the ones who trained these people to behave in this fashion. During the Trump administration, Democrats were cheering for and praising people who chased down members of the administration at restaurants and theaters, disrupting their meals and private time with their families. They actively encouraged the public to treat conservatives like pariahs who should not be allowed to go out in public. They also perfected the art of having gangs show up at the homes of public figures to protest and disrupt their lives.

It’s not so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it, AOC? While I don’t agree with their actions, I would just like to point out that your supporters are unhinged and they are behaving the way you wanted them to behave. Ironically, they are coming after you despite the fact that you are already one of the most antisemitic members of Congress. But in this case, you’re still not antisemitic enough for the mob so they’re going to try to force you to pay a price for that.

Riots for thee, but not for me:

* To be fair, based on her past actions and the whirlwind of lunacy that surrounded her in 2019, I can see why the anti-Semitic left would be shocked that Sandy apparently isn’t fully onboard.

** Saul Alinsky smiles.