Gemini’s ridiculous–I mean that literally, as it inspired an enormous amount of ridicule–photo generation bias isn’t really important in and of itself. AI photos generated by Gemini are not good enough to be “deep fakes,” and everybody can see how stupid these images look.

So why is the story so important?

It showed us the man behind the curtain, and not in some abstract way. We got to see the world Google is trying to recreate in pictures worth more than a thousand words.

We see that Google’s world is a carefully constructed lie.

If you can’t trust them, what are they worth? And it’s clear that you can’t trust them. A friend writes:

Woke AI is useless AI, as are woke employees. Gemini has now made this perfectly clear. As Mario Juric asks in a recent X post:

“Would you hire a personal assistant who openly has an unaligned (and secret — they hide the system prompts) agenda, who you fundamentally can’t trust? Who strongly believes they know better than you? Who you suspect will covertly lie to you (directly or through omission) when your interests diverge?”


Nope, indeed.

Related: Google’s problem is a lack of diversity. “How does that happen? How does an organization with thousands of engineers remain blind to what is easily seen by the rest of the population? The answer: a complete LACK of diversity in Google’s leadership and employee population (and this isn’t limited to Google, of course). . . . The result of all of this: an echo chamber full of politically left-leaning head nodders. There was no one in the room who could look at the results, raise a hand, and say ‘Um . . .I think we may have a problem here.’ That person simply did not exist. There was no one to question the outcomes – no diversity of thought… and it left them blind.”