ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Shell closes its light-duty hydrogen refilling stations in California: And Toyota offers $40,000 off the price of a new Mirai FCEV. “The shutdown here comes two years after Shell did the same in the UK, and follows about six months of winding things down in California. In 2020, when a kilogram of H2 cost about $13, Shell proposed building 48 new stations in the state. California offered a grant of $40.6 million as incentive. Last September, Shell killed the plan and refused the grant money. Those funds, and $8 billion to be disbursed by the U.S. Energy Department in the Hydrogen Hub plan, couldn’t overcome the difficulties in permitting for stations, high build costs, fickle machinery, and ensuring consistent supply. There aren’t too many drivers tooling around in hydrogen-powered vehicles in the U.S., but every new hurdle like this makes it difficult to attract more.”