OK, NOW YOU’VE FINALLY DONE IT! That absurd $355 million judgement against Donald Trump is a tipping point that is likely to drive GOP and conservative voters who aren’t MAGA fanatics to line up behind the former president, according to Issues. & Insights.

Think what you will about Trump, but one point made by the I&I crew is especially important:

“Those who think this is just about Trump, or that Trump is a special case, or that once we get Trump out of the picture civility will return, are deluding themselves. If Mister Rogers ran as a conservative he’d be just as viciously attacked.

The affable Ronald Reagan was pilloried during his time in office as a warmonger, a hater, a doddering old fool and, of course, a fascist. The milquetoast, barely conservative George W. Bush was said to have ‘begun to implement the 10 steps to take down a democratic nation.’ The New Republic published a 3,600-word ‘case for Bush hatred.’ A Nobel Peace Prize recipient declared that ‘right now, I could kill George Bush’ and was feted for bravery.”

And so on and so on and so on with the Left.