NEW YORK’S WAR ON BUSINESS. The political winds shift unpredictably, and no one can know that they’re safe, or will be in a few years. The only winning move is not to play, and I expect a lot of businesses will make that move. “Engoron has also decreed that Trump is not allowed to ‘do business’ in New York, which includes borrowing from his previous lenders to pay the money for this bond. In other words, Engoron has both levied an excessive fine against Trump, while simultaneously forbidding him from obtaining enough in loans to pay for the bond to protest the excessive fine. . . . Ah, but don’t worry about New York going after all the other big businessmen who routinely evaluate their properties at the outer limits of plausibility — Kathy Hochul admits that this is a political prosecution directed at one single political enemy and will never be used against anyone else.”

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