BUMPED AND UPDATED (I’ll update how I can throughout the day. I have no idea how to pin, or if I can so bear with me.)

I DON’T WISH TO ALARM ANYONE, BUT:  Governor Abbott: When, in the Course of Human Events….

So far Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana, Virginia and Florida have pledged material (and personnel) support.  There will probably be more by the time you read this.

UPDATE: North Dakota, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Idaho, Nebraska, West Virginia, Iowa.

I’ve heard reports of Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, South Carolina, Utah, but I have not personally seen the Tweets. We’re kind of dealing with a home repair emergency (our water main broke in the cold if you must know) and I’ll look for those tweets and update as I can.  Those who have my email can feel free to email me links and save me time. ;)

UPDATE: Up to 25 states, because the entire Republican Governors Association signed a letter of support. 

So, add in: Ohio, Indiana, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Missouri,  Wyoming, Nevada and Utah.  I should get a map and color it, shouldn’t I?

Will any of the democrat governors break with the pack? It’s time to turn the heat on them.