August 31, 2006

THE INSTAWIFE has Google Ads on her blog now, and the context-sensitive adserving has responded to her post on prison sexual abuse by linking up “ladies of the Pen,” a site dedicated to “lonely, sexy ladies looking for love” — from behind prison bars. It seems like it ought to be a parody, but as far as I can tell it’s not.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Ladies of the Pen may not be a parody, but it’s probably not what it claims to be. I recognized one of the women pictured as a fairly popular B-grade pornstar, so the other pics probably aren’t authentic jailbirds either. (Let’s not dwell on HOW I recognized her!)”

Maybe it’s a Reuters operation . . . .

But if it’s “Hoosegow Honey” action you’re looking for, IowaHawk is the place to go! Guaranteed 100% authentic — unlike, well, most of the stuff at IowaHawk.

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