August 21, 2006

THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD AN EXIT STRATEGY: “As the rest of the nation ponders solutions to Iraq war troubles, progressive bloggers are also mired in their own strategic quagmire in CT. After toppling Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) in the 8/8 Dem primary, progressives are finding it more difficult than anticipated to rid themselves permanently of the 18-year incumbent. Now that it’s clear cable exec Ned Lamont (D-CT) faces a tough battle that threatens to drain progressive resources and attention from other races, as well as draw out GOPers in close House races, some are arguing that Lamont should be cut loose to focus on the larger war against the GOP. For now, the ‘stay the course’ crowd is winning the debate.”

If you criticize Kos, you’re siding with the Republicans!

UPDATE: Ryan Sager wonders why the “netroots” haven’t taken on Hillary.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Heck, forget Kos. Nowadays, if you criticize Iran you’re siding with the Republicans!

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