August 17, 2006

THE SUGGESTION, which doesn’t seem to be tongue-in-cheek though it’s not clearly serious either, that Cheney and Rumsfeld are sabotaging democracy in Iraq so that they’ll have a free hand to level Iran with no pesky nation-building, seems pretty out-there to me. Bush’s critics are one of his greatest assets, as C.J. Burch said a while back. After I referred to that the other day, Burch emailed: “If the left doesn’t shut up the Republicans will be able to continue acting like this and still get themselves elected…God help us all.” And that goes for Bush’s over-the-top critics on the non-left, too.

I know that conspiracy theory is all the rage now, but I don’t see how this leads to a healthy politics.

UPDATE: Check out this poll!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Where does the Neueschwabenland Campaign fit in? I’m guessing that Cheney had a finger in this pie.

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