THE SUMMER OF LOVE CONCLUDES IN A DARK WINTER: Seattle dismantles BLM garden after rampant homelessness, drug use create ‘public health and … safety issues.’

The city of Seattle has dismantled the Black Lives Matter Memorial Garden after rampant homelessness and drug use overran the area, posing significant risks to the public.

In 2020, amid heightened racial tensions and anti-police fervor, Seattle activists established the garden in Cal Anderson Park, located in Capitol Hill, the home of the infamous former Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Organizers of the garden claimed it was intended to memorialize victims of police violence and to provide organic food for underserved communities.

However, seemingly from the beginning, the garden has been plagued by violence and filth, creating significant “public health and public safety issues” in the area, a statement from Seattle Parks and Recreation claimed. According to the statement, members of Seattle’s Unified Care Team have conducted 76 tent encampment removals in just the past year alone “to keep public spaces clean, open, and accessible to all.”

The garden has also become a hotspot for illicit drug use, creating other issues for area residents. Other problems in the garden include “vandalism of Cal Anderson public bathrooms” and an infestation of rodents, the statement said.

Naturally, “Seattle Bulldozed Its Communist BLM Garden [and] Liberals Are Reacting Exactly How You’d Expect” (Video):

In a surprising move, the city of Seattle decided to remove the community garden co-op that sprung up following the riots of 2020 and the creation of the “autonomous zone.” Now, liberals can’t cope with the reality that it’s gone.

But why? The message of the left in 2020 was any property memorializing the past misdeeds of out-of-control totalitarian leftists was fair game for destruction, no matter what strange misbegotten notions true believers had of any historic significance. Why should the memorial for CHAZ be treated any differently?