August 15, 2006

porkbustersnewsm.jpgPORKBUSTERS UPDATE: A big push on earmarks is underway. Here’s an editorial from the Washington Examiner:

Something new is happening today as The Examiner invites readers to help uncover which members of Congress sponsored the 1,867 secret spending earmarks worth more than $500 million in the Labor-Health and Human Services appropriation bill now before Congress.

These earmarks average more than $268,000 each. To our knowledge, The Examiner is the first-ever daily newspaper to join with readers, citizen activists from across the political spectrum and bloggers in this manner to uncover the facts behind government spending.

The Examiner — in cooperation with the Sunlight Foundation, and Citizens Against Government Waste — is making the Labor-HHS earmarks database public.

Here’s the Examiner resource page, and here’s the page from the Sunlight Foundation. And here’s more from Andy Roth and Robert Bluey.

UPDATE: Here’s more from Tim Chapman, and here’s the huge PorkBusters resource page. Dig in!

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