BIDEN IS A POTEMKIN PUPPET: Hard not to reach such a conclusion from reading The Hill this morning. The headline says “Biden Kept At Distance from McConnell in Border Talks.” But the lede of the story puts it differently, suggesting that Biden himself avoided the talks: “President Biden has kept a distance …”

Deep into the story, an unnamed Democratic senator gives away the game – they don’t know what Biden might agree to, it might even mean moving back to Trump’s border policies, which would send the Left Crazies into, well, even more Crazy:

“And some Democratic senators are worried that if Biden got into a room with McConnell or other Senate GOP negotiators, he might end up cutting a deal on border and asylum policy that will enrage their party’s base.

“’A totally legitimate concern is if you’re not reasonably close [to a deal], there’s no reason to put him in a room … He could be dragged anywhere,’ said one Democratic senator who requested anonymity to talk about the leeriness fellow Democrats feel about making Biden the point person in the talks.”

Imagine that, a chief executive who could be dragged anywhere! Sounds like maybe somebody is tiring of maintaining the Potemkin Village Presidency they created using Biden.