A LOT OF PLACES ARE ROTTING: A Moral Rot at Rice University. “While Haniyeh might have been pleased to learn about the support Hamas is getting from Rice faculty and students, the truth is that no one in the Middle East is paying any attention whatsoever to Rice University. Such petitions and resolutions are meant to send a message on the Rice campus. Rice colleagues and students, I hear your message loud and clear. I am a second-generation Holocaust survivor. I recognize antisemitism when I see it. You do not need to be a user of derogatory epithets to be antisemitic; using double standards qualifies.”

The derogatory epithets — and outright support of genocide — are there, though, and increasingly common.

Related thoughts from Eugene Volokh: “No-one likes rude awakenings, bitter lessons, and situations with which one is not quite sure how to cope. But they are tremendously useful. Many of us have indeed been rudely awakened to the magnitude of hostility in many American universities to Israel, Israelis, and Jews. But that’s not because there has been a surge of such hostility: It’s because the existing hostility has revealed itself.”