BOB MCMANUS: An antisemitic riot in an NYC high school needs more than just ‘I’m outraged.’

Mayor Adams finally caught up with events Saturday; predictably, he was, ahem, shocked.

“The vile show of antisemitism at Hillcrest High School was motivated by ignorance-fueled hatred, plain and simple, and it will not be tolerated.”

The thing is, it was tolerated, for almost a week, until this newspaper blew the whistle and City Hall spooled up its outrage generator.

The NYPD had responded to the riot, so the commissioner and the Department of Education were both well aware of what happened. Which means the mayor had to know what happened. So what was the plan before this newspaper’s Sue Edelman broke the story? Hope no one noticed?

And now that it’s all out in the open, the question becomes this: What precisely does Adams mean by “will not be tolerated?”

Three Hillcrest scholars face “superintendent’s suspensions,” but because of supposed privacy claims, we’ll never know who was punished and how. The consequences lack the moral authority an immediate announcement and crackdown would have.

There should be criminal prosecutions. It should be easy. This was planned on social media and there was lots of shared video. I’d also like to see a federal civil rights investigation. There might be a federal civil rights conspiracy case here.


We’ve spent the past few years inserting “social justice” into the curriculum, at the expense of knowledge and tolerance. Now the intellectual engagement the Hillcrest scholars bring to the Oct. 7 massacre is a knee-jerk “chase a Jew.”

That’s where “anti-racism” leads.