MORE ON EVENTS IN LEBANON HERE AND HERE: Also, Chester looks at the prospects for war between Israel and Syria, and Jeff Goldstein comments: “It’s like watching a Frederick Forsyth novel unfold in real-time. Only with heavy casualties and the remote chance of a nuclear winter in July.” I like novels better. But we’re seeing the result of the “international community’s” inability — and, frankly, unwillingness — to bring Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism under control.

UPDATE: Austin Bay looks at the strategic implications:

The Middle East –the entire world– has changed since 1982. There is no Cold War, there is no Saddam. Lebanon has also changed. Many Lebanese are ready for Hezbollah to enter history’s dustbin. The Lebanese have also experienced twenty years of Syrian occupation and thuggery. Hezbollah remains a creature of Syria– a Syrian tool bought and paid for by Iran.

Read the whole thing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Bill Roggio has more on a possible Iranian angle.