“RED CARDS” in the blogosphere.

I think Dan Riehl is ready to throw one on Glenn Greenwald.

UPDATE: Various people are piling on Greenwald, rather harshly.

I’m no fan of Greenwald, who tends to misrepresent what I say and then explode in outrage over his own version of my views, to the delight of his readers who are mostly too lazy to follow the links. But I’m saving my condemnation for Frank J. He’s not only a right-wing hater, he’s got people in the Bush Administration dancing to his tune!

ANOTHER UPDATE: More questioning of Greenwald’s reading comprehension. But I’m pretty much over Greenwald. I quit reading Misha, the ostensible root cause of this latest kerfuffle, because, although his schtick amused his audience it got old for me fast. (And ironically, I think Misha still blasts me for being too sympathetic to the ACLU.) Greenwald’s not much different, he’s just more earnest, and not funny.

MORE: Patterico isn’t laughing. It’s comedy — it’s just not good comedy.