HERE’S VIDEO OF JOE BIDEN defending his remarks on Indian-Americans and Dunkin’ Donuts. Meanwhile, reader Sid Sharma emails:

As an Indian-American, ( I use this term, even though, I dont like hyphenated terms – I think we should think of ourselves as just Americans, period. Not playing identy-politics is what I like), I found Sen Biden’s comments rather funny. Heck, I am Indian, I and yet, I have to speak in Indian-accented English sometimes when I go into a gas-station or a 7-11, or a convenience store!!!!! Because, if I speak the way, I normally do, my local Indian grocer, for example, doesnt seem to understand me. I have to start discussing Bollywood movies and cricket in order to keep a conversation going.

I wonder what my other fellow-Indians are so offended about? Or have some of us decided to play the cynical game of pretending to be the newest “aggrieved” minority group? I have seen some leftist academics of Indian ethnicity trying to play the identity-politics game, and it would be sad if Indians in the US quit working hard, and just became a bunch of whiny complainers playing the “I am a minority” card at the drop of a hat.

As I noted before, the episode is mostly interesting as evidence of Biden’s tendency to talk first and think later.