DON SURBER: Jewish group bets $100 million against The Squad: Meanwhile, lefties finally show their appreciation for Osama bin Laden. “Last night was a mess in DC as anti-Semitic protesters tried to disrupt a vigil for Israel by Jews. The police intervened. Then the anti-Semites attacked the DNC and the cops protected the party headquarters like the Beijing Police protect the CCP headquarters. . . . It’s only an insurrection when Trump supporters do it.”

To be fair, on January 6, the cops let people in to the Capitol. “The rioters are supporters of The Squad — a group of four stooges who have grown in number to seven including their first male, Jamaal Bowman, the fire alarm puller. The Squad is made up of anti-American Marxist people of color who hate Jews and anyone else who is not a person of color.”

Plus: “The Squad is riding the revival of Nazism on college campuses. There is no room for H8 except when it comes to Jews, Asian-Americans and rednecks. In the wake of the worst attack on Jewish civilians since World War II, the bonehead left is breaking out its copies of Mein Kampf and the writings of Osama bin Laden.”

I remember when all the best people told us it was okay to punch Nazis.