JEEZ: “Hamsher replied to Althouse’s post about civility in public discourse by calling her an idiot and portraying her as a baboon.”

It’s like seventh grade, in some parts of the blogosphere. Related item here.

UPDATE: The BullMoose observes: “Over and over again, the lefty bloggers contend that their major objective is not an ideological one but rather a partisan one. They claim that they want to win. Badly. The Moose begs to differ. It is not the goal of the left to prevail, but rather to purify.”

Indeed. Otherwise they’d be more concerned with making friends than with, er, influencing people. And this is certainly true: “All of this is grand news for the Republicans. One would think that the big political story would be the GOP holding onto power for dear life. Instead, the new narrative that is emerging is about the national Deaniac left telling Democratic hawks to beat it. The lefties’ goal is a McGovernite party without the Scoop wing.”

That’ll work.

MORE: Roger Simon writes:

What interests me most in this is not so much the issue as the intensity of the rage directed at Lieberman. . . . Firedoglake has a right to feel frustrated. But if she wants to win, she should wise up.