CHRISTINE ROSEN has published something of a hatchet job about me and An Army of Davids in The New Republic. You can tell it’s a hatchet job quite early, as she writes:

Before he emerged as the “InstaPundit,” he was just a law professor at the University of Tennessee, writing on administrative law and the Second Amendment for publications like Law and Policy in International Business and Jurimetrics.

And publications like The Columbia Law Review, but that wouldn’t fit her put-down-a-plow-and-picked-up-a-laptop storyline. As for the rest, it’s a bit hard to discern a storyline beyond her dislike of InstaPundit, me, and the prospect — which I don’t actually advance in the book, and have quite explicitly disclaimed on InstaPundit — that professional journalists and pundits will be replaced by amateurs.

Still, the amateurs are looking pretty good these days and, as Rosen’s piece demonstrates, the professionals aren’t exactly overwhelming us with their fairness and care. And there’s no such thing as bad book publicity! Get your copy today!

UPDATE: Dave Price notes that the piece — as is seemingly required for old-media attacks on the blogosphere — contains the usual self-refutational errors, one of which comes in the form of inability to follow a hyperlink. There seems to be a lot of that going around these days . . . .