JOEL SHEPHERD HAS more on Sabine Herold. Publius has more, too.

UPDATE: Claire Berlinski emails:

Speaking of good-looking right-wing Frenchwomen running for office, do note the most unexpected — but not unwelcome — things coming out of the mouth of Ségolène Royal, who happens to be the top Socialist contender for next year’s presidential race. She’s dabbling in what her kind used to call Right-deviationism — no doubt in an effort to steal the ground right out from underneath Sarkozy’s feet; and her gambit may very well work, especially since she’s so much better-looking than Sarko. She’s recently revealed herself, for example, as being only slightly to the left of Le Pen on law-and-order. Suburbs in flames? Zero tolerance. “We need a return to the heavy hand.” French teenagers burning cars? Straight into the military with you, mes potes; it will help you “get to know … [your] good fortune to live in France.” Troublemakers go to reform schools at the first infraction, and if your kids get out of hand, we cut off your welfare payments, capisce? Immigration quotas? Yes, what an interesting idea. Traditional family values? All for them. Oh, and that 35-hour work week? Scrap it. So suddenly, she’s shot straight to the top of the polls, sending an arctic chill into the Sarkozy camp. Of course her comrades on the Left are getting their bowels all in an uproar; particularly exercised, evidently, is her consort and father of her four children, party leader François Hollande. Wouldn’t want to be joining them at the family dinner table any time soon.

Definitely someone to put on the “wait and watch” list.

France is overdue for an upheaval. Let’s hope it’s a constructive one. More here.