RYAN SAGER REPORTS that Rudy Giuliani is going nuclear:

There’s a reason Giuliani outpolls Sen. John McCain regularly when it comes to who conservative Republicans prefer for the presidency – while also maintaining great popularity with centrists – and it was on full display in this Manhattan Institute-hosted talk on energy policy. . . .

Drawing on his experience managing New York City’s power problems, Giuliani spoke of the government red tape that makes it virtually impossible to build power plants, oil refineries and (especially) nuclear-power facilities.
Summing up U.S. energy policy since the 1970s, he was blunt: “We haven’t done anything.” We haven’t drilled in Alaska. We haven’t built oil refineries. We haven’t ordered a nuclear power plant since 1978.

We need to start doing these things, he said, to diversify. Energy independence, he said, is simply the “wrong paradigm,” despite the idea’s popularity in quarters of both the Left and the Right. Instead, in a global economy, “We have to diversify, that’s our strength . . . You can be independent by being diversified.”

And there’s room to reach out to the Left on building more nuclear plants now. The technology has grown safer – and nuclear use could reduce emissions that lead to global warming.

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