ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Cancel Culture Finally Comes for the Left, and I Can’t Stop Laughing.

As I wrote previously, all the geopolitical arguments in the world, right or wrong, do not excuse mass murder, including the massacring of children. When Hamas crossed the border and started indiscriminately killing people and taking hostages, there was no question that the gloves would have to come off. Complaints about settlements and the Al-Aqsa mosque became academic at that point.

Still, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, some people actually came out in open support of Hamas’ atrocities, justifying them and blaming Israel for the murder of its own people. Joint letters were put out by universities and protests were held with chants glorifying Hamas “martyrs.”

Naturally, some companies decided that was a bridge too far and rescinded job offers to those who participated, and now the crying has begun.

Does the Washington Post know it’s the Washington Post? It worked very hard to cancel Eric Clapton in 2021 over his anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine mandate stance, by dredging up racist remarks the guitarist uttered on stage 45 years earlier while he was drunk out of his mind, and concurrently worked very hard to pretend that cancel culture isn’t a thing: