The head of the FBI says Internet companies should retain customer records for two years to help the federal government investigate not only porn but also terrorism. . . .

Top U.S. law enforcement officials have told Internet companies they must retain customer records longer to help in child pornography and terrorism investigations, and they are considering asking Congress to require preservation of records.

If I recall correctly, this started out as a porn measure, and I suspect the terrorism bit of being tacked on. Of course, it’s no dumber than this:

Get ready to give up a little bit of your privacy in exchange for certain allergy or cold medicines.

Starting in late September, just in time for cold season, consumers will be required to fork over photo IDs and list their home addresses in logbooks before buying Sudafed, Contac or other remedies containing the nasal-decongestant pseudoephedrine or similar substances.

We already have to do this in Tennessee. It’s asinine and — not surprisingly — turns out to be ineffective. But at least those Mexicans busy cooking up meth won’t add to the illegal-immigration problem!