THERE SHOULD BE CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS CORRUPTION AND MALFEASANCE: Rand Paul: Everything Fauci And His Cohorts Were Saying Publicly, They Were Saying The Opposite Privately.

“Everything that Anthony Fauci and his cohorts, these other virologists were saying publicly, they were saying the opposite privately,” Paul said. “Then it turns out that many of the people that were appointed to be part of this all had quiet interests that they weren’t willing to reveal. Including Anthony Fauci. When I asked him directly under oath whether or not he was receiving royalties from any of the companies manufacturing vaccines, he refused to answer. When I asked him whether anybody on the committee was receiving royalties he lashed out and accused me of something but would never answer the question.”

“So there really are some big, big questions and some reforms that should be obvious to everybody,” Paul said. “You shouldn’t be allowed to be voting on a committee if you’re receiving money from the companies that are going to make billions of dollars because of your decision. We have uncovered a lot of conflicts of interest here. There’s much to be done. I’ve referred Anthony Fauci twice for criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice. As you know, Merrick Garland will probably not go down in history as the most objective of Attorneys General. So I don’t have much luck. But other than prosecuting Anthony Fauci, it is important to remember that the truth be told and that people see the evidence laid out as that this virus did come from a lab. It came from gain of function research that we were funding, that Anthony Fauci was funded.”

Severe consequences.