LOL: Sunak steps in it: “A man is a man and a woman is a woman.”

Sunak was trailing badly in polls to Labour challenger Keir Starmer earlier this spring, but has lately come into a bit of a surge himself. He’s announced renewed drilling and oil exploration in the North Sea, and last week quickly pivoted from Green champion to protector of the working class by rolling back significant portions of the UKs NetZero goals. Labour, Green cultists, and leftists howled with outrage, but Sunak’s polling proved he’d struck just the right note at a time when Brits were stretched to their limit.

Is this another notch in his belt for sanity and the middle-class?

Or is your average union member or cafeteria worker happy about woke, gender-identity driven policies costing precious taxpayer pounds being the NEW “norm,” when they know damn well it’s not “normal” at all.

I feel like the woke empire is crumbling. It was founded on bullying and they’ve hit their limit.