WHY WASHINGTON IS ‘AWASH IN CORRUPTION:’ Professor Jonathan Turley told yesterday’s first House Impeachment Inquiry hearing that the nation’s capital “is awash in corruption,” referring to the millions of dollars paid by nearly two dozen foreign entities to the Biden family’s influence-peddling enterprise specifically and more generally to the access selling that is such a familiar feature of the governing political culture. The indictment of Sen. Robert “Gold Bar” Menendez (D-N.J.) also comes to mind.

But the bigger point is made by Issue & Insights in the context of former First Lady Michelle Obama being paid “an obscenely large amount for a speech in Germany on diversity.” Obama received $741,000 for a 60-minute oration, or $12,350 per minute. And let’s not forget the continuing worldwide grifting of Bill and Hillary Clinton with their foundation.

That bigger point is this: “These are all variations on a theme. Call it bribery, or extortion, or abuse of power, or whatever you want. This is how Democrats get rich these days. They expand the size and power of the federal government, then sell access and favors to the highest bidders.”

Call it Grifter Government. But don’t call it government of, by and for the people.