THINGS CAN’T BE THAT BAD FOR THE REPUBLICANS: Traditional barbershops are making a comeback. Well, sort of traditional. Except for the wi-fi and stuff.

Better than this, anyway.

UPDATE: Reader Peter Ingemi emails:

As that fellow who works mostly from home (and some unusual places) laptop in hand I want to second that barber shop story.

Here in Fitchburg we still have old barber shops. I went to Bob’s a couple of weeks ago. Bob has been at his shop since before I was born. He knew my grandfather whose barber shop was a block or two from his and was cutting hair when he was (He died in 1967). Bob will still give you a haircut for under $10 and is not likely to retire.

4 Blocks away on Day street Ideal hair is the only place in town that give the old fashioned barber shop shaves. (Bob did it for me on request but I think I was the only guy he shaved in 3 decades). They do the whole 10 yards with the hot towels, lather and the straight razor.

You have not lived unless you have had one. It is a lost art. The Barber’s father died a few years ago and the son is in his late 50’s early 60’s.

Between that and the Romano’s Butcher shop down the road we can be mighty retro around here, but people don’t know what they’re missing.

Now if I could only find somebody to block and steam my Fedoras.

Find that and Lileks will move in next door.