IT’S A PORKBUSTERS PODCAST INTERVIEW with House Majority Leader John Boehner, about spending, earmarks, and more. He talks pretty tough, and says that the climate on spending has changed because of constituent pressure.

So, if you care about spending, keep the pressure up!

UPDATE: Yes, this was recorded via my studio, and yes the sound is better than most of the Glenn and Helen podcasts. That’s because I used my new digital phone interface, which gives a much clearer signal and a much lower noise floor — which also lets me use a lot more compression on the mix, helping even out the volume and make it punchier. It also helped that Boehner was on a good phone — N.Z. was on a cordless, and you can hear the difference. One problem I’ve discovered in doing these things is that lots of people literally don’t own a wired phone handset anymore.