THERE GOES KURT SCHLICHTER MINCING WORDS AND PULLING PUNCHES AGAIN: That Miserable Bag Of Goo Mitt Romney Slinks Away Humiliated. “I knew there was something wrong with Mitt Romney, really wrong, when my mom – a daughter of Pennsylvania’s steel mill country, but a dedicated Republican, told me back in 2012, ‘I just don’t like him.’ Of course, those steel mills are all gone now, moved to China by guys who either were, or looked exactly like, Mitt Romney. Now he’s finally calling it quits as a senator, apparently by popular demand. His departure is cause for celebration. Mitt Romney is a bad person who pretends to be a good person. He is the blow-dried embodiment of everything awful about the Republican Party that used to be. The only good thing about him is the riddance. Mitt Romney is an empty $5,000 suit, a human Mad-Lib who tries to fill in the blanks with whatever his audience wants to hear. He is Eddie Haskell with incredible hair, who believes in nothing except the desperate imperative of his own success. That success, of course, has been limited – Mitt will be remembered for his failures. . . . Mitt believes he deserves the awe of the peasants; why is not so clear.”

Come on, Kurt. Stop holding back. Say what you really mean!