#JOURNALISM: CNN’s Fake ‘Fact Check.’

As I’ve said before of the evidence in the case, it’s a smoking gun next to a bloody corpse. If I could get in the face of any of these CNN propagandists, I’d destroy them with a single question: Why did these “shell companies” exist? The only answer an honest person can give is, “To conceal the bribery money.” If the millions of dollars received from foreigners by Hunter Biden and his associates had any legitimate purpose — if it were something other than bribery — they would have no need to hide it. And what was it that Hunter Biden and his associates were selling? What service did they have to offer, except the influence of the then-Vice President? Isn’t the nature of this arrangement self-evident in the fact that Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Hunter’s client Burisma for corruption, was fired in 2016 on the demand of Joe Biden? Joe Biden publicly bragged about this. . . .

The media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome pandemic was not cured when Biden became president. Instead, we’re living through something akin to the Stalin era, where the purged Trotsky became a propaganda bogeyman used to frighten the public and justify repression.

The Jan. 6 protesters are sentenced to federal prison, Biden’s opponents are censored on social media platforms, and dishonest spin about the Biden bribery scandal is published as “fact checks,” all because liberals live in dread of what is to them the worst possible nightmare, the return of President Trump. How can they cope with the cognitive dissonance caused by having to pretend to be independent truth-tellers, when they know damned well that they’re telling lies on behalf of a corrupt old fraud like Joe Biden? No intelligent person believes a word they say.

Intelligent people aren’t their audience.