April 16, 2006


HAPPY EASTER! We had fun with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew William, who enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt and managed to look shockingly cool in the process.

It was fun to see all the little kids enjoying themselves, and all the neighborhood parents working together to make a good time for all concerned.

The weather was perfect, something not to be taken for granted in Southern Ohio. Last night we sat on the deck, drank beer, and watched tremendous displays of chain lightning for a long time before the rain set in. By morning the rain was gone, and it was crystal clear. I actually found myself wishing it were a bit cooler this afternoon, as we squinted at inadequate swingset documentation under a hot sun.

Still, a great weekend. I hope you’re having a happy Easter too.

Getting together with family and friends is one of life’s underappreciated pleasures. Appreciate it, while you can, as they won’t always be there forever.


As you can see, I managed to make a new friend. Funny I always though of the Easter Bunny as being bigger. My nephew William (shown with his mom, Victoria, below) wasn’t sure what he thought about the Easter Bunny, but he liked the eggs. Hope your day is good!


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