April 6, 2006

porkbustersnewsm.jpgPORKBUSTERS UPDATE: N.Z. Bear was on Hugh Hewitt last night, reporting all sorts of developments on the PorkBusters front, going well beyond Trent Lott’s public PorkBusters snit. The transcript and audio can be found here.

Here’s an excerpt:

HH: And that is a problem. Last question, N.Z. During the leadership vote that led to Majority Leader Boehner’s election, many promises were made about transparency to the internet community. Do you think they’ve been met and kept?

NZ: I would say at this point it’s safe to say that they have not been met. My hope is that we will see more progress on that in the coming months. But I certainly can’t say I’m impressed thus far at any particular progress in that direction. The only notable effort that really came out in terms of transparency that I have seen was again, Senator Coburn made a proposal that would have required a great deal of transparency, and set up a public database for Congressional funding, and it was shot down rather dramatically, I believe, a couple of days back.

We’ve been let down by the Congressional Republicans. Again.

Meanwhile, here’s a new oversight website set up by Sen. Coburn’s office to help track wasteful spending.

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