April 2, 2006

A BOTCHED SUICIDE BOMBING IN TORONTO? Nicholas Packwood emails this report:

The heart of Toronto’s trendy Yorkville shopping district was shocked to a standstill Sunday after an explosion killed one man at a Tim Horton’s outlet.

Police would not confirm early reports that a man had entered the washroom shortly before the blast with explosives strapped to his body.

Early reports are often wrong, so keep that in mind.

UPDATE: Reader John MacDonald emails:

While it’s not online yet, the Police Chief had a short press conference a half hour ago. They are only in the early stages of the investigation but he says the fire Dept told him there was an “intense flash”. He wouldn’t confirm whether it was an explosion or not.The deceased is still in there (washroom). They are sort of downgrading it to an accident or someone just trying to do themselves in. So early reports may or not be right.The eye witnesses described it as an explosion at first.

Stay tuned.

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