March 13, 2006

DARFUR UPDATE: Nat Hentoff writes:

I continue to hear even some journalists adhering to the myth that the New York Times largely determines the priority of daily news. But, as I tell journalism students, if that is your primary source, you’re going to miss a lot. For example, the New York Sun’s diligent U.N. correspondent, Benny Avni, keeps breaking news on the contrast between the U.N. Security Council’s repellent realpolitik and the unapologetic candor and impatience of our committed U.N. Ambassador John Bolton’s fight for human rights.

With the number of corpses in Darfur steadily mounting, and President Bush again seriously involved in confronting what he has accurately called the genocide there, Mr. Bolton has been pressing hard to get the United Nations moving against the resistance of the government of Sudan, the perpetrator of the genocide.

Read the whole thing. (Via Newsbeat 1).

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