February 24, 2006

ONE MORE PHOTO from the Danish Embassy rally. Reader Jonathan G. Williams, who sent it, writes: “Yes, those things they’ve got are danishes. (Cherry, I think.)”

Mmm. Cherry.

And Mark Tapscott notes an email from Linda Seebach of the Rocky Mountain News:

UPDATE VI: Power of Blogs

Linda Seebach, veteran Rocky Mountain News editorial columnist, emails this note about the demonstration’s coverage in the Blogosphere compared to that of the mainstream media:

“It might be of interest to note that the first wire service story to cross our desks was from Cox News Service by way of the NYT News Service, and it moved at 3:22 p.m. our time (though it had been announced on the Cox budget nearly three hours earlier). By then it had been covered on a dozen blogsand I had had time to fashion an editorial out of Hitchens’ speech.”

It’s that whole Army of Davids thing. But you knew that by now.

Plus, reports are showing up in the Danish press. But Dr. Weevil notices a conspicuous absence.

And Chester has published a transcript of Hitchens’ speech.


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