February 21, 2006

TED FRANK attended a speech by Justice Scalia and reports that it was rather different from the picture drawn by the AP report:

In a speech of about 40 minutes (the web-cast should be available later this week), he laid out when it was and wasn’t appropriate to use foreign law in American jurisprudence, and pointed out the contradictions and selective use of foreign law in recent Supreme Court opinions. He then took questions from the audience of over 100. . . . Naturally, the only AP coverage of the speech focused on the LaRouche heckler, and (without mentioning his affiliation) made him out to be a censored hero rather than a cult member who’s pulled similar stunts at Kerry and Nader events. This is sure to make the Supreme Court all the more welcoming of tv cameras.

Though at least then we could watch the video for ourselves.

UPDATE: Reader Andrew Centofani emails:

I have to second what Ted Frank wrote. I listened to the audio live on my lunch break (via C-Span radio here in the District), was pretty impressed with Scalia’s talk and thought he handed the LaRouche’ite questioner very well. The questioner came across as someone who thought he was brilliant and witty but was sadly mistaken. Scalia suffered his foolishness for about a minute then politely pounded him into the ground. Great stuff.

Let’s hear it for disintermediation.

MORE: Eugene Volokh writes: “Is it just me, or is the AP being fundamentally unserious here? . . . This is the Associated Press, an organization that’s supposed to be dedicated to conveying the important news of the day.”

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