January 23, 2006

WONDERFALLS UPDATE: I ordered Wonderfalls a while back, but was too busy to sit down and watch it until last night. I was spurred to get it out by this email from reader Jeff Roche:

Just wanted to thank you for your Wonderfalls suggestion on your Blog Instapundit.

I was looking for an extra gift for my Wife for XMas and bought it for the her.

We put off watching it till last night thinking how good can it be. We sat there and watched 4 episodes in a row, laughing the whole time. What a wonderful show. I can’t believe it only aired 4 times before cancellation.

We couldn’t figure out how such a great show could have been cancelled so quickly. Then we read it aired on Fox.

That explains everything. The Network that cancelled “Briscoe County JR”, “Space Above and Beyond”, “Firefly”, etc.

I watched two episodes. The first one put me off a bit — I felt kind of sorry for the heroine, whose troubles are manifold at the kickoff — but I really enjoyed the second, which seemed to hit its stride. I look forward to watching more.

Thanks to Tim Minear, who made the initial recommendation!

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