I’VE BEEN MEANING to order Battlestar Galactica ever since Virginia Postrel wrote that it “may very well be the best show on TV and is certainly the most philosophical.” I don’t know why I never did — I guess the memory of the earlier, Lorne Green-based series from the 1970s (which wouldn’t fit Virginia’s description at all) got in the way.

But now James Poniewozik, writing in Time, ranks it his number one show of the year, and observes: “Most of you probably think this entry has got to be a joke. The rest of you have actually watched the show.” Okay, okay, I give.

And, yes, I could watch it on TV when it airs, but that never seems to work for my schedule. I could also break down and buy a TiVo, I guess, but I haven’t.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg agrees on Battlestar Galactica.