I am seeing a lot of people not really understanding today’s events in cable news. Ha ha. Tucker Carlson is such a loser. Big dummy got fired!

That shows a very boomer era understanding of media consumption and overestimation of the power of a traditional news channel.

He didn’t need Fox. The last I saw his contract there was something like cheap, which is chump change to a guy with a reliable audience in the millions every night.

Tucker Carlson is now going to go sign a Joe Rogan size contract on a streaming service. He will make the most money of any news broadcaster in history and probdbly do so by an insane margin.

Meanwhile Don Lemon is a relative non entity. He won’t bring much of an audience with him wherever he goes.

One of these two will get a pay cut. The other is going to make orders of magnitude more money, and has the investment potential to boost any media corporation he signs with into a very competitive sphere.

And I don’t even watch Fox News at all, nor do I care about Tucker Carlson. But if you are too blinded by goofy partisan point scoring to grasp the business implications of this, it’s a bad look, but it ain’t my problem.

Larry knows about making money without a traditional platform.