MORE TSUNAMI STORIES: Gaijin Biker notes that the U.N. seems to have blown a lot of relief money on overhead. (“No wonder it was so concerned that America and other nations might be ‘stingy’ with donations — any less, and the refugees might not have received any aid at all.”) Those Mercedes don’t come cheap! The Times notes that a lot of money given to British charities seems to have gone unspent. Well, it’s not like there’s anyone who still needs help:

But the pace of reconstruction has been criticized, and frustration has grown with 80 percent of the 1.8 million people displaced by the waves still living in tents, plywood barracks or with family and friends.

In Aceh, one survivor dismissively gestured at a jumble of scrap iron and plastic sheeting _ all that remains of his neighborhood.

“You want to talk about changes, we’ve seen nothing,” said Baihqi, 24. “Many promises of aid, but that’s all we get _ promises.”

Stormtrack, meanwhile, remembers the disaster with a collection of pictures and video, and there’s a roundup over at Blogs4God, too.

UPDATE: Heh. As usual, Chris Muir’s Day by Day cartoon was way ahead on this.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Did “Baby 81” get the shaft?

MORE: Here’s a big tsunami roundup by Martin Lindeskog.