NEWS FROM IRAQ: Over at the Pajamas Media site, Omar & Mohammed of Iraq the Model, plus stringers from all over Iraq, are posting reports and photos from the Iraqi elections. This will go on all day.

It’s a bit of an experiment still, but I hope that we’ll see a lot more of this kind of coverage from all sorts of places, on all sorts of topics, as things progress.

If you have any comments on the coverage, email me and I’ll pass ’em on — or you can use the email form in the left-hand column on the main Pajamas page.

UPDATE: Here’s a blog-report from Bill Roggio, too. He’s in Barwana and notes: “The poll site sits right beneath the now-destroyed Barwana bridge, where Zarqawi terrorists routinely executed residents for not conforming to their perverse interpretation of Islam.” Note the past tense. He concludes: “Barwana, once part of Zarqawi self declared ‘Islamic Republic of Iraq,’ is now the scene of al-Qaeda’s greatest nightmare: Muslims exercising their constitutional right to chose their destiny.”

Heh. Indeed.