MUCH ADO ABOUT NOT MUCH: Michael Crowley’s item in the New York Times Magazine about how conservative blogs are more effective is up and, well, it’s not much. Especially in light of all the brouhaha about it. It’s about 200-300 words, quoting only “liberal activist Matt Stoller” and (indirectly) other unnamed Democrats, about the message discipline of Republicans. OK. Whatever.

UPDATE: Yes, the bit about Drudge being quick to pass on the latest tidbit from the blogosphere is also dubious. Drudge is, in fact, pretty aloof where the blogosphere is concerned. In fact, the whole “superior message discipline” theory seems doubtful to me.

The Democrats’ real problems come from their positions, and their candidates, not from Republicans’ media operation. They’re still in denial about that, though, and Crowley’s story couldn’t be better for the Republicans if Karl Rove had written it himself.