I’VE NOTICED LOTS OF DEMOCRATS on various TV shows calling for Bush to replace Rumsfeld with Joe Lieberman. Given that the Democrats don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Lieberman on defense matters, I wonder what’s going on? Are they trying to get him out of the Senate for some reason? Do they expect things to get a lot better in Iraq before 2006, and want to split the credit? Do they think Bush is going to do it anyway, and want to make it look like they pressured him into it? (Kaus’s “Nader strategy?”) Or is there some other agenda I’m missing? Because it sure seems to have coalesced as an across-the-board talking point very quickly.

UPDATE: Here’s some Democratic thinking, according to Kos.

ANOTHER UPDATE: John Kerry has jumped on the bandwagon, which makes me suspect that it’s not going anywhere.