SO THE 9/11 COMMISSION IS COMPLAINING about problems with first responders’ radios. Who’s holding things up? Television networks:

As I noted in an earlier post, Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., and Congresswoman Jane Harman, D-Calif., have cited un-named television broadcasters who use the frequencies first responders want to use — Channels 63, 64, 69 and 69 — as holding up this legislation for years.

So who are we talking about? Which big broadcasters?

I’m told from Congressional sources that the big stations that would be affected by giving those spectrum numbers are the family-friendly PAX and Spanish-speaking UNIVISON, as well as some other broadcasters in particular markets.

I wonder if the family friendly and minority nature of these stations have anything to do with the politicians’ reluctance to name them?

Or is it just that it’s more nefarious-sounding to call them “big broadcasters”?

I wonder why this story isn’t getting more TV coverage . . . .