We might understand the zeal of young, idealist students in reacting that way to a judge who’d affirmed chattel slavery, or legal abortion — even as we lectured them on the importance of free speech.

But what was the ruling, and what was the case, on which Judge Duncan ruled? What are the high principles, sacred causes, and fundamental loyalties that motivated the angry mob at Stanford? Knowing that is important, because it’s a spiritual biopsy of America’s elite. …

So what are their fighting issues? The Daily Mail helpfully tells us. Here’s the case where Judge Duncan’s ruling touched the protestors’ deepest values. Underneath a police mugshot of a biological male (don’t be confused by the PC use of female pronouns below) the Mail reports: “This is the transgender pedophile at the center of a mass protest at Stanford University against a Trump-appointed Judge who refused to allow the felon to change her name on conviction records. DailyMail.com can reveal the mugshot of Norman Keith Varner, 42, who failed in her bid to change her name to Kathrine Nicole Jett, 42, on court records.”

So “deadnaming” a pedophile can spark a riot at Stanford Law. Good to know.

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