WHEN ZOMBIE SOLDIERS ATTACK: The Mechanical Eye looks at the latest in over-the-top anti-Bushiana from Joe Dante. The Insta-Wife is also writing about the veteran Zombie voters some folks fantasize will get Republicans out of office.

One of her commenters isn’t impressed with Dante’s originality: “Dead people voting for Democrats? That’s just art imitating life.” Heh.

Zombies do seem to be making a comeback lately. I don’t know if Dante’s follow the rules laid out here, but I’m planning to be prepared, just in case. You can’t be too careful!

Meanwhile, for the opinions of actual, living soldiers, try starting here.

UPDATE: Will Collier doesn’t like the Slate review by Grady Hendrix much.

ANOTHER UPDATE: If the dead start rising over the Iraq War, a lot of them will be rising from Saddam’s mass graves. Why not a movie about that? And who would they be haunting, if they did . . . .

MORE: We’ll be seeing this clip on Fox News, I’ll bet. I think Dante’s leading with his chin, here!

STILL MORE: An email from reader Sam Wilkinson suggests that Max Brooks will be the big winner in all this. And reader Michael Becker writes:

My son is a recently retired Marine. My inner circle includes about a zillion Marines (all of the “door kicker, combat” variety) and the families of those Marines. My point here is to note that should Iraqi Freedom fallen show up as zombies the list of people who should be screaming in the streets does not include Bush. Kerry, Clinton (both), Boxer, Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Murtha (especially him) will find themselves in a world of hurt. I don’t have the time or space to pass along the venom that those people, and their fellow traveling ilk, are subject to from the military folks. It’s kind of a shame that active duty military are prevented from expressing their real opinions about politicians.

Actually, I think it’s a good thing. I do wonder, though, how a movie in which zombie soldiers attacked antiwar types for “betraying” them would play in the Village Voice and Slate. Well, okay, no I don’t.

MORE STILL: Okay, there are zombies in this film, but at least there’s sex.