“The ‘evidence’ of weapons of mass destruction and links to Al Qaeda turned out to be false,” Clinton wrote.

But just months after the bombs started falling, Clinton (D-N.Y.) called a Daily News reporter to insist she had no second thoughts about her vote for war.

The war was worth it just to remove Saddam Hussein from power, she said.

Clinton emphatically told The News in her 2003 call, “I felt that it was appropriate under the circumstances, which really went back to 1998 under the Clinton administration’s conclusion that the regime had to change, that the President [Bush] had authority to pursue that goal.”

“Why was the intelligence consistent from the Clinton administration to the Bush administration?” Clinton added. “The intelligence was consistent for over a decade.”

On the eve of war, even the senator’s aides echoed Team Bush’s confidence in a swift victory, including one who boasted, “It’s going to be a cakewalk.”

(Via The Raw Story).