JEFF GOLDSTEIN: Democrats for Assault Weapons! An autopsy on police response to the Uvalde shooting makes the strongest 2A case the party of gun grabbing has ever accidentally proffered. And it’s glorious! “To suggest that the argument has begun in bad faith is a dazzling, glistening — nay, iridescent! — understatement; everyone on both sides of the gun control issue knows what is afoot, that gun control proponents are seizing on the next bit of agitprop they hope will help their cause and win over those who, because they have no interest in gun culture, are more willing than not to sacrifice rights they’ll most likely never take advantage of. With this understanding — that the argument is being raised to constrain the rights of legal gun owners, while pretending to protect the po-po — I think the anti-gunners make one of their biggest missteps yet.”